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Albert Einstein Infant Day Care Center Pitter Patters Early Learning Center Madison Lake MN

Program Goals

To promote emotional growth by:
a. Providing a warm, loving, accepting environment for each child to work and play in.
b. Encouraging curiosity and a sense of wonder.
c. Allowing each child to identify personal feelings and the feelings of others. 

To promote social growth by: 
a. Promoting and instilling a sense of caring and compassion toward others.
b. Providing opportunities for sharing, taking turns and making friends.
c. Providing nurturing staff/child interactions.
d. Opportunities for each child to interact with other children. 

To promote intellectual growth through:
a. Sparking excitement in children about the opportunity to learn.
b. Encouraging children to seek knowledge in areas where the child is interested.
c. Allowing flexibility in order for the children to explore their own interests.

To promote physical/motor development by:
a. Teaching each child to use their body appropriately in a variety of active ways, both indoors and outdoors.
b. Promote physical growth and competence at each child’s developmental level.
c. Meeting each child’s nutritional needs through well-balanced meals and snacks.
d. A daily rest and naps.

Program Objectives

Our number one goal for our children and parents is providing a safe and happy environment while in our care. We are dedicated to providing the best child care available. We strive to meet each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs and to promote the development of each of these areas.

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